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Inglês - 10º ano

Extensive Reading - Part I - Page 11 and 12 - Exercícios resolvidos e corrigidos - É possível encontrarem alguns erros. 

1.-  9/3/7/6/1/8/4/2/5

2.- 1-E   2-G   3-B   4-K   5-D   6-A   7-J   8-C   9-H   10-E   11-I

3.-  a) In Jamaica.

b) At the swimming-pool of a hotel.

c) ‘’bar’’, ‘’pool’’, ‘’fine garden with lawns and beds of azaleas and tall coconut palms ‘’, ‘’deck chairs’’, ‘’white tables’’, ‘’coloured umbrellas’’.

d) At six o’clock pm.

e) Summer

f) It’s sunny, windy and warm.

g) A peaceful, pleasant and relaxing mood.

4.- The exposition. The action begins, the stage is set, the background is given and the characters are presented.

5.- a) The old man, the narrator, the British girl and the American boy – 4.

b) The old man. He is the main character, he will have the central role in the story.

c) He is ‘’immaculately dressed… each step’’; He is ‘’small, oldish man’’; He ‘’had on a large creamy Panama hot’’; His teeth were ‘’very small, uneven teeth, slightly tarnished’’; He wears ‘’white buckskin shoes’’; His acent is Italian or Spanish; He is ‘’probably around sixty-eight or seventy’’.

6.- a) The narrator. It is a first person narrative.

b) Yes, he does.

c) No, he doesn’t. He presents the place and the people as the action happens.

d) Yes, we do.

7.- a) The spelling of some words is different because of the old man’s pronunciation.

b) pless-please / dey-they / de-the / dat-that / dese-these / ‘’you are not American, are you?’’

c) The old man is not a native English speaken.

d) He doesn’t like americans. 

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